To make moral acts easy, affordable, and personal.

We believe that moral acts are difficult and often times people don't have the time or the resources to act on what they believe is right. Our job is to make those moral acts easy to do, affordable to enact, and provide personal benefit to the individual doing it. We want to incentivize good. 


Our Values


Our employees will use their innovative ideas to shape a vision of the future that we believe in, but we do not innovate for innovation’s sake. Our decisions will always be guided by our vision of a better world, we will not be intimidated to take calculated and managed risks.


We hold each other accountable to the highest of standards and to metrics that matter. Our vision is to create institutions that are accountable to the people they serve, and our company will be no different.


Our employees aren’t here to be right, they’re here to serve our customers. We are dedicated to finding the best way to pursue our mission, whether it aligns with our prior biases or not. Discussion and disagreement are welcome, but humility is key.

Team Building

Our mission is an immense challenge and it can’t be done alone. Personal and professional growth is key to accomplishing our mission, and our team will be there at every corner to support that growth.