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Job Opportunities

Co-Founder and chief marketing officer (CMO)


Vize is a social business that is working to transform labor markets around the world. We’ve created an app for factory workers in emerging markets to anonymously share invaluable information about their jobs with a simple rating and review system. This will create a direct incentive for factories to improve conditions because with higher ratings, the employers will recruit and retain more employees. The factories currently face turnover rates of 8-10% of their entire workforce every month. With thousands of potential employees on our site, we’ll be able to provide more affordable and effective recruiting. In addition, the data we gather about working conditions can be analyzed to give factories the information they need to retain their workforce.

We’re launching in Tijuana this month and we’re looking for a driven and highly-skilled person to join our founding team and lead our efforts in Tijuana. The individual will work directly with the CEO on Vize’s marketing strategy, lead our incredible team of volunteers in Tijuana to gain more users, and conduct direct sales to international businesses. They will be a co-founder, and thus be given a share of the equity at the early, and exciting, stage of a very promising startup.

Job responsibilities

  • Craft a marketing and sales strategy with the CEO to gain our initial set of users (employees creating reviews on the site) and customers (factories buying recruiting services)

  • Manage our amazing team of volunteers in Tijuana that go to the industrial hubs and conduct face-to-face marketing

  • Conduct direct sales to factories for our multiple services including recruiting and data analytics

  • Build a sales team in San Diego or Tijuana


  • Self-driven and entrepreneurial work ethic

  • A strong ability to build and lead a cohesive team around a central mission

  • Experience in marketing preferred

  • Experience in enterprise sales preferred

  • Spanish fluency required

  • Willing and able to travel to Tijuana for team meetings and marketing activities


The chosen candidate will join as a co-founder and thus will be given equity in the company just as we are gaining our initial set of users and raising our seed round. Our entire team is compensated with a dynamic equity structure, and thus the more you work and bring to the team, the more you will be compensated in equity.

To apply

If you are interested in this position, please email incentivizinggood@gmail.com with your resume and cover letter.